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Property damage (and cleaning up in the wake of it) can be a distressing experience, not to mention the disappointment and worry associated with an insurance settlement that is much less that you expected. Having a trusted advisor by your side to represent you on insurance matters can significantly reduce your stress and help get you back on your feet.


Richard Gibbons is an authorised public loss assessor with an in-depth understanding of construction technology and the insurance claims process, owing to more than 20 years in the property and insurance sectors. Through RM Gibbons and Associates he handles all claims for property damage from start to finish, from fire, storm and flood to oil leaks, burst pipes, subsidence and malicious damage for home owners and commercial, business and agricultural clients.



…Richard knows how to diagnose a problem and which questions to ask to keep the claims process moving. This helps secure the best settlement in the shortest possible time.

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Cost plans

In the early stages of a new build, home renovation or extension, we work with homeowners to formulate a reliable and practical budget and ‘designing to a cost’. Homeowners can also benefit from an initial appraisal for an estimate of what it will cost to undertake their home renovation before they commence.


Bills of Quantities

We also work closely with construction firms throughout Ireland, in carrying out estimating and tendering services. With an extensive construction technology knowledge base, we are trusted for our cost plan advice and estimating work that is vital at the early design stages of a construction project.

Our end-to-end solutions include:
  • the preparation of contracts, including the quantities of required  materials;
  • measurement and preparation of a bill of quantities;
  • tendering and estimating services;
  • cost management and control;
  • construction contract administration, and
  • final account analysis and agreement.

Pre-purchase home inspections

Whether you are looking to buy a home to live in or for investment purposes, a pre-purchase survey identifies issues inside and outside the home and the cost of rectifying them. This gives home buyers and investors insight into the true cost of their new home and the confidence to make informed decisions about their purchase. A pre-purchase inspection is a cost-effective alternative to a structural report for properties that do not require engineering expertise.



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